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Personal Dynamics Definitions

Ability Utilization

You demonstrate a strong drive to apply and develop your skills and contribute significantly to the achievement of goals. You strive for excellence and take great pride in your achievements

Artistic Appreciation

The construct in which artistic abilities are present, necessitated and can be satisfied, within your working environment.


You are stimulated and challenged by positions where you can lead, manage and motivate others. You prefer to take control of situations and make the necessary decisions to address them.


You exhibit a high degree of self reliance.


The expression of new and original ideas or concepts.

Cultural Identity

A strong belief based on culture, race, religious or social criteria.

Financial Compensation

The construct in which your need to feel that you are sufficiently rewarded financially and that your efforts are acknowledged.

Financial Guarantee

The satisfaction of your need to have the assurance of guaranteed remuneration.


The ability to perceive and appreciate a situation through a perspective other than your own.

Freedom of Lifestyle

The freedom to set your own schedule, time and program in order to manage your life and objectives. The need and right or state of self-governance.

Personal Development

You are motivated by opportunities to enhance your skills, knowledge and personal expertise. An ongoing focus to the improvement.

Physical Activities

A need to employ physical action in order to support your working tasks.

Physical Challenges

The use of your physical talents and strength to perform physical demanding activities. Deriving personal satisfaction throug h these activities.

Predictable Environment

You appreciate stability and security within your environment. You are most effective when functioning in roles where you kno w exactly what is expected of you and in which there are clearly defined rules and procedures that govern the course. Predictable workflow.

Relationship Reliance

The development of deep and trusting relationships with an absent degree of high due diligence. A preference to remain connec ted to your inner core network. You experience a sense of concern if detached from this group or individual for too long a period of time.

Result Orientation

Your need to experience the effect of producing good tangible results, you enjoy the measurement of performance.


Fulfilling your need for excitement within your working environment. The ability to enjoy or proceed with an action with a degree of lesser regard to the possibility of exposure, danger or fear of failure.

Social Concern

The ability to serve people selflessly.


To have and be recognized within a social or professional position, condition or standing.


You place a significant emphasis on interacting with team members and other colleagues and enjoy participating within team ba sed structures.


The quality and condition to diversify, to do various activities within the same working environment.

Working Conditions

The requirement that your working environment is clutter-free and has a high degree of logistical and operational efficiency. You take exceptional pride in your immediate working surroundings

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